Keeping academia connecting during COVID

Since the start of the pandemic I have been working with multiple scientific societies to help bring their conferences and meetings online.

This involved the development of Web sites that promoted the connectivity and social interactions of conference delegates, despite their remote attendance.

It is important that we keep connecting to provide researchers with opportunities to participate in training, network, and keep on top of new research. Additionally, online conferences have become a more inclusive and accessible platform for researchers across the globe.

In total I have organised and co-organised ten  international conferences and have published my findings from my experience to help us make science more inclusive and carbon neutral.

Associated papers:

Cusick, J. A. (2024). Is it time to get over the X? Assessing the global impact and future of social media conferences in animal behaviour. Animal Behaviour, 213, 33-50.

Raby, C. L., et al. (2022) An inclusive venue to discuss behavioural biology research: the first global Animal Behaviour Twitter Conference. Animal Behaviour, 187: 191-207

Raby & Madden (2021) Moving academic conferences online: Aids and barriers to delegate participation. Ecology and Evolution, 11 (8): 3646-3655

Raby & Madden (2021) Moving academic conferences online: Understanding patterns of delegate engagement. Ecology and Evolution, 11 (8): 3607-3615

Examples of previous conferences:

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